Dear families,  

We are working diligently to ensure there is no lapse in your child's care or treatment while we follow CDC guidelines related to social distancing and the Coronavirus (COVID-19).   We will remain open on a virtual basis during normal business hours.  During this time, reception will be taking calls, staff will be logging prescription refill requests and providers will be seeing patients via Telehealth.

All patients will be contacted by phone or email 1-2 days before their appointment with instructions for logging on to their online visit.   

Take care during this time and try to limit your exposure.  Proper handwashing is most important and greeting others with just a smile.  :)

Our thoughts are with you all!   Please contact us with any questions or concerns about the rendering of your treatment.  We are here to help!

Prayers for health and wellness, 

Katherine Peppers & the Behavioral & Developmental Pediatrics Team